More About Tyler

Hello everyone! My name is Tyler Perfitt, and this post is all about who I am! I can't wait to get started blogging about my experiences, reflections, and advice on what student life is really like at DePauw.

I'm a senior from Evansville, IN, majoring in Biology and Spanish with a minor in Classical Civilzations. During my time at DePauw, I've been a member of the men's swimming team, involed in the Information Technology Associates Program (ITAP), and a Senior Intern with the Office of Admission. I've been able to make my academic and extracurricular life at DePauw hand-tailored to my own interests.

Though I'm a student in the College of Liberal Arts, I've also been able to take music lessons through our School of Music. This is my third semester of playing piano, and with no previous experience, I'm getting pretty good!

My Winter Terms have given me a wide variety of experiences: I've taken a pottery course, built my own website, and conducted pharmaceutical research. Even more exciting, I'll be travelling to El Salvador this year with DePauw's Winter Term in Service program to provide medical assistance to rural communities.

I've also been fortunate enough to travel on my own: I spent this past summer interning at the Hospitál de San Isidro in Buenos Aires, Argentina, working with Oncology and Chemotherapy (I also learned how to tango, as you can see to the right!). My dream job is to do disease-based research, and my time at DePauw has opened me up to so many avenues to accomplish this.

So, welcome to my new blog! I can't wait to share some wonderful memories with you. Feel free to message with questions or requests! 

Real Students, Real Help, Real Results

Saturday, October 27, 2012 by Tyler Perfitt

I'm sitting in DePauw's Academic Resource Center (ARC) right now: it's a cozy study nook In Asbury Hall. Here, Writing, Quantitative Reasoning, and Speaking tutors are ready to help their clients - or have already delved into their session!

The ARC provides specialized peer-tutoring for students in any class and for any paper or presentation. As a Writing Tutor, I spend my Thursday evenings with students and their papers, as a collaborator, not a grader. We look at organization, clarity, theses, you name it. Student and tutor work together to make sure your paper expresses your own feelings and reasoning. And everything is totally confidential; in fact, you get to 'grade' the tutor after the session through an evaluation!

Most importantly, my job is to encourage the writing process. Even some of the school's best writers come in for sessions, because they love having someone they can develop ideas with, bounce ideas around, and reflect about what they've already written. Don't hesitate to come in for your first session at the ARC because you're a first-year student or you're frustrated with a certain subject. We're here to help you.